Gorrondona Engineering Services
Performs geotechnical investigation for WHCRWA

August 2019 – GES is pleased to have been asked to perform the geotechnical investigation for Segment 3-A2 of the West Harris county Regional Water Authority(WHCRWA) project which includes a new 42-inch diameter waterline (approximately 14,000 linear-feet). The invert depth of pipeline varies from 10- to 25-feet bgs (below ground surface). Augering/micro tunneling techniques may be utilized to cross existing Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) channel.

Construction of the WHCRWA alignment begins near the northeast corner of Highway I-10 Frontage Road and Wycliffe Drive (along existing pipeline corridor) and ends approximately 0.5 miles south of Clay Road, and approximately 0.03 miles east of its intersection with Addicks Dam Road, in Harris County, Texas.